TEN PEN CHii Art Labor is a group who creats performances and was born in Berlin in 1995. The name TEN PEN CHII come from a Japanese Character: Natural Catastrophe. “Art Labor” stays for the need of research that is at the base of the group’s work. This formation has its origin in the conjunction of Japanese Butoh dance, German steel sculpture and the music brought from the North American culture.
The pregnant social moment in which the trio founded the group, the intercultural basis and the co-presence of three self-standing arts, gave birth to a unique matrix. Since the middle of nineties, this group is creating.
Yumiko Yoshioka is a Japanese dancer, choreographer, teacher and director working since 1974 in innumerable worldwide places. With TEN PEN CHii she creates and bring the imprinting of the ancient Japanese Butoh dance and from this birthplace always transforming and evolving.
JoaXhim Manger is a German steel sculptor, director and producer since 1986. With TEN PEN CHii he conceptualize and produce the performances. His steel sculptures are living-expressing objects, means and meanings of actual time, that became a unit with dance and music, on stage.
Zam Johnson is an American composer and painter from Los Angeles USA who to Berlin in 1987 to write music for an independent movie. His career took off as a very in demand composer for theater, film scores, live concerts work.